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Viruses, spyware, errors, or slow-performance..

My PC 180 will put you back on the path to happy computing!

Call us at 1-888-MyPC180 (888-697-2180)

Deal directly with an expert! Jason Moschetto has nearly 15 years experience working on residential and business computer systems. He's so good, he was recruited by the federal government at age 17!

Get it done cheap! We offer flat-rate prices. On average, our services cost about 60% less than our competitors, yet we do more! (Read our testimonials)

Save your machine, and save money! We're good at giving your computer just the upgrades it needs to run like it's BRAND NEW!

Get it back fast! Average turn-around time for a full "180" repair, with data backup, is 48 hours or LESS!

Don't go corporate! We have no corporate leaders to please when making decisions, so we do what's best for our customers, and nothing else!

Stay protected! We provide our customers with highly rated anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall software that has a low-impact on system performance for FREE.


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